Université Pierre et Marie Curie is the largest scientific and medical university in France. Its computer science laboratory, LIP6, is internationally recognized as a leading research institute. The LIP6 Networks and Performance Analysis (NPA) group, the one participating in this proposal, focuses on the Internet of the future, with the vision of an autonomous, reliable, high performance, and secure pervasive network. LIP6 is involved in many activities related to DTNs, community-based wireless networks, publish subscribe research, monitoring and large-scale testbed projects such as OneLab2 (IP FP7 project), which LIP6 is coordinating.

The NPA group develops a modern approach of research in networking, through basic research and transfer activities, in strong cooperation with worldwide academic partners and industrial leaders. Transfer is measurable though our contributions to standardization bodies (e.g., IETF: MLDv2 or RTP XR), the creation of start-ups (e.g., Qosmos) as well as numerous industrial contracts. The group activity is supported by permanent researchers, post-docs, international visitors, engineers, and about 40 Ph.D. students. Therefore, the group has established a critical mass of about 60 faculties/engineers/PhDs.

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