Thales Communications & Security (TCS) is one of the few companies in the world to address all telecommunications segments. TCS is a major branch of the Thales Group. The Thales Group revenues total €12.7 billion, half from the civilian businesses and half in the defence domains. TCS division revenues reached € 2.8 Billion employing 13,000 people in 20 countries. The division addresses all the segments of the telecommunications market: radiocommunications, IP networks, satellite communication, network administration and security. TCS has a long experience in mission critical Information Systems and secure infrastructures for systems and networks, including Internet and Intranets. R&D investment is realized by over 10,000 engineers, including 4,200 researchers and concretized by more than 1,500 patents filled.

The TCS lab involved in the project is the Advanced Information Technology Laboratory (TAI) whose mandate is to investigate architectures and technologies for future networks and ICT systems within the Advanced Studies department in TCS. TAI personnel includes network experts, especially for fixed and mobile IP network design, security architects for networks and information systems, information system experts on architecture and modelling aiming to increase adaptability and dependability. TAI has a long track of successful involvement in Framework Programme projects, both as leader (Widens, iTetris, Calipso), technical leader (TEFIS, Selfnet) or WP leader (EU-MESH, COGEU, Conect). TAI is also actively involved in the Future Internet PPP (FI-WARE, FI-Content, InstantMobility) on mobility and content distribution issues, as well as in the Fire initiative (PlanetLab Europe, TEFIS, Selfnet, Calipso).

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