Fon is a company founded in 2006 by CEO, entrepreneur and internet pioneer Martin Varsavsky with the goal of blanketing the world with Wi-Fi that is free for everyone. Even though it is a SME it has nearly 5 million hotspots in 170 countries across the globe and partnerships with world’s leading Telcos. This makes us the world’s largest Wi-Fi network.

Fon’s network usage has evolved from laptops to mobile devices in the last few years. Mobile devices are the main consumers of Fon’s networks nowadays and this has made Fon adapt as much as possible to give seamless access to this devices. This is in fact an effective approach to mobile data offloading to the fixed line. Fon has had to integrate its network (both at control and data levels) with heterogeneous networks and operators, acquiring a very valuable expertise that could be beneficial for the consortium.

Fon has specialized in the last years in building effective, low cost and seamless networks to allow mobile world devices to connect through the fixed line. In this evolution, Fon has gained great expertise and know how on the type of devices, data patterns, user stereotypes, use cases etc. related to both the mobile and the fixed network. The integrations with the many operators that partner with Fon give us background and expertise on the network and backbone interconnection.

Last but not least, Fon has experience participating in FP7 projects such as ULOOP: Usercentric Wireless Local-Loop.

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