Innovalia Association is a an independent private Associated Research Lab, established by a group of technology-based companies that are all highly aware of that innovation, as an inherent business process, is a necessity for maintaining competitiveness. The Innovalia Association serves as a mean for articulating critical mass to successfully address the ambitious and long-term research objectives of the associated companies. The association was founded in 2002, sprung from Innovalia, which is a strategic alliance of companies with more than 20 years of collaboration in research and innovation. Innovalia allied companies have participated and headed numerous research projects, funded on a national, international or bilateral basis. Innovalia’s business activities broadly span the whole European market, covering the supply of RTD services, the networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME collaboration activities and SME training.

The Innovalia Association is organised into three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit; Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit; Manufacturing and Knowledge Management Unit. These units assemble skills, laboratories and resources from the allied companies and they also benefit from a high degree of collaboration with external companies, both on national and European level. Innovalia Association is member of the Innobasque Network, which is made up of various Basque organisations with innovation is a strategic priority. Innovalia Association is the coordinating entity of the FP6 Integrated Project Nano-CMM, one of the few integrated projects led by a high-tech SME. It has also long experience in technical coordination of projects, such as iTETRIS in FP7, CELTIC ICARUS and the already finished FP6 projects MULTINET and CSA REDEST. It has also served as Business Innovation Office of the FP6 Integrated Project Co-Spaces and it is the Spanish cluster representative of the European Europortal Project. Innovalia is furthermore taking part in the SECRICOM FP7 Integrated Project “Security communications for Crisis Management”. On national level, Innovalia is the technical coordinator of FASyS, one of 18 Spanish flag-ship industrial R&D projects in 2009 (CENIT programme), addressing advanced ICT solutions for secure and healthy factories of the future. Innovalia is also leading the development of the security and trust model for interorganisational enterprise collaboration as part of FP7 ComVantage IP. Innovalia has also taken part in the ITEA2 gold and silver award winning projects MULTIPOL and METAVERSE, where security solutions for multi-domain environments have been developed.

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