MOTO holds its first 2015 Plenary Meeting in Trento

MOTO held its last plenary meeting from the 16 to the 17 of March at CRF premises in Trento Italy. The meeting to which all partners attended was focused on the analysis of the advancements achieved by each of the project’s tasks, the coordination and alignment of the partner’s efforts, the schedule and plans for deliverables, and the planning of the forthcoming most important activities.

After a review of the status on progress, reporting, and some administrative points, the discussion focused on the update of architecture specifications, the capacity improvements achieved with the different offloading technologies, the simulations in progress, the use of terminal-based offloading, and the algorithms for inter-technology scheduling.

Finally, tThe progress and achievements of remaining project activities on standardisation, exploitation and dissemination were treated.

The meeting was very fruitful, and the main issues raised in the meeting, related to the Test fest to be carried out in Avea premises at Istanbul, the advancements of the prototypes development, the security issues and the simulation results were successfully solved.