FON prepares a first MOTO demo and testing environment

Fonhas prepared a first demo and testing environment for MOTO in its premises. This environment has two main objectives. On one hand, it will be used for dissemination activities e.g. through the execution of demos. Showing a tangible experience will allow a better understanding of MOTO potential exploitation. On the other hand, it will serve as a testing environment for functional and performance validation. The set up consists of a Fon WiFi service core backend, a plurality of WiFi access points, MOTO enabled devices and a MOTO Platform. The MOTO platform interacts with Fon WiFi service backend by the infrastructure API which has been designed in MOTO and implemented in both ends. The MOTO platform will be able to retrieve network status and user localization information through this API. This setup will be evolved during the third year of MOTO project by the introduction of new MOTO functionalities and by the integration with AVEA test bed to provide a multi-operator scenario.